How To Choose The Best Garage Door Insulation Kit?

When it comes to your home’s interior, you’ve likely gone to great lengths to tuck energy efficiency into every corner and floor of your living space. Many homeowners see value in undertaking this kind of large-scale job because it makes their home livable in all seasons and cuts down the electrical cost of heating and cooling every individual room. But what if there was one room in the house that you’ve almost certainly ignored when it comes to packing in energy efficiency?

Though it stores many of your most valuable possessions, the garage continues to be a poorly climate-controlled space. Boiling hot in the summer and ice cold in the winter, most garages are simply unbearable when the weather outside grows frightful. But just like the interior of your home, there is a simple solution – garage door insulation! Designed to enhance one of the biggest temperature sinks around the home, garage door insulation will play a major role in revitalizing the climate in your garage.

A seasoned DIYer might be quick to ask, “do garage door insulation kits actually work?”

The simple answer is…yes! Garage door insulation kits allow you to cover one of the largest unprotected surfaces in your home and bring it in line with the internally insulated walls found throughout the rest of your home. Your garage is capable of being more than a space to store your car and garage door insulation kit can play a role in unlocking this space’s full potential.

That being said, there are variety of garage door insulation types available today. From foam panels to reflective insulation and beyond, each variety provides unique benefits that will go the extra mile when it comes to bringing temperature stability to your garage. No matter what your garage door insulation system is made from, you’ll find that it will immediately create a noticeable improvement in your garage’s average temperature.

A rise in demand for garage door insulation kits recently has led to increased competition in the DIY market. Some of the best-known insulation brands – including Matador, Reach Barrier, Owens, and more – have all adjusted their prices in order to make installing garage door insulation more affordable than ever. But even for all of this affordability, you’ll still need help selecting the best garage door insulation kit to fit your needs and your budget.

To simplify your selection process, I’ve reviewed 10 of the best-performing garage door insulation kit available today. Any one of the products on this list would make a worthy addition to your garage, so take some time to read about what makes each system uniquely capable of enhancing internal garage temperatures.

In this review, I’ve compared many of the key specification that you should consider when purchasing a DIY garage door insulation kit, including size, material, insulation value, installation method, and more. Finally, each review includes a concise pros and cons list, allowing you to make an informed choice at a glance about which garage door insulation kit is right for you.

Top 10 Garage Door Insulation Kits of 2019

While garage door insulation is certainly not a new technology, more and more home improvement companies today continue to push the boundaries when it comes to creating garage-centric climate control solutions. Today’s garage door insulation systems range in quality, cost, and reliability, requiring you to do some extra research in order to find the ideal garage door insulation kit.

Before you make that important purchase, take some time to learn about several of the most important specifications from leading garage door insulation kits on the chart and in the reviews below. All of this relevant information will make your comparison-shopping efforts a breeze. After contrasting each option in this chart, stick around to learn even more from our in-depth breakdown reviews of each and every listed product.

Matador Garage Door Insulation Kit for 7-Foot Tall Door – Best Garage Door Insulation Panels


  • Dimensions – 20.25″ x 54″ x 1.25” (8 panels)
  • Construction Material – high-impact polystyrene laminate
  • Insulation Rating – R 4.8
  • Tools Required? – Yes (Straight edge, utility knife, tape measure, work gloves and safety goggles)

The reviews are in and the Matador Garage Door Insulation Kit continues to be a favorite among dedicated garage door specialist and DIYers alike. Much of this appeal derives from its ability to quickly and efficiently turn an unbearably hot or cold garage into a livable space that is useful for more than just car storage.

A major part of this kits easy installation process is its innovative snap-in placement system. Rather than bother with those unnecessary adhesive tacks and tapes, the Matador kit relies on the built-in garage door frame in order remain steady and in place. This allows each panel to move independently of one another while remaining stable enough to not pop out every time the garage door is used.

In terms of performance, the Matador kit can perform up to the level required by most average homeowners. With an insulation rating at R 4.8, these panels can keep your garage at a comfortable 78º without the need for space heaters or devoted air conditioners. While the kit does require some average tools to install, you won’t need to make an extra hardware store run in order pick up any specialize, one-time-use tools for this kit.

Matador kit users from across the country continue to rave about its performance across the seasons. Whether faced with the sweltering beams of summer or the frigid winds of winter, owners report that these panels do a great job at keeping out undesirable drafts. Many are 100% pleased with this product and for many reasons, so will you. If you are looking for a garage door insulation system that combines value with performance, then the Matador kit should be at the top of your list.


  • R 4.8 insulation rating
  • Innovative snap-in installation procedure
  • Doesn’t require specialized tools

NASA TECH White Reflective Foam Core 2 Car Garage Door Insulation Kit – Best Reflective Garage Door Insulation


  • Dimensions – 8’ x 18’ (4 rolls)
  • Construction Material – White-vinyl coated foam/foil wrap
  • Insulation Rating – R 8
  • Tools Required? – Yes (Double Sided Tape, Razor, Squeegee)

With space-age innovation, the NASA TECH White Reflective Foam Core 2 Car Garage Door Insulation Kit brings a fresh set of heat insolating technologies to the DIY marketplace. Unlike any other garage door insulation in its class, this kit implements a unique interplay between two trusted insulation materials in order to create yet-unseen properties.

The NASA TECH kit’s construction is among its chief assets. Rather than relying on vinyl, foam, or foil lining alone, this product combines all three into successive layers in order to maximize this its ability to lock out bitter cold and melting heat. Even through wear and tear, this three-layer construction remains durable for the life of your garage door.

Some insulation kits skimp on materials, requiring you to buy a second or third kit to cover an average garage door. NASA TECH kit comes with four entire rolls of insulating fabric, though, meaning that you’ll easily be able to cover a wide 2-car garage door. In addition, this kit even comes with automotive industry-style tape, allowing you to apply a permanent solution when applying this insulation to your garage door.

One immediate drawback of this premium garage door insulation kit its price and its requirement of extra, non-standard tools. With regards to the tools, everything you could need to apply this insulation is included in the box. With regards to price, though, you can clearly see that the enhanced price directly translates into added value, such as the triple-later construction.

In the end, the NASA TECH kit is a great selection if you’re willing to invest a bit more into your DIY project in order to acquire an exceptional level of insulating performance.


  • Triple-layer construction with vinyl, foam, and foil layers
  • Four rolls of material per kit, enough for a 2-car garage door
  • Made in the USA, with all proper fire code certifications

Reach Barrier 3122 Silvertanium Garage Door Insulation Kit – Best Garage Door Insulation Blanket


  • Dimensions – 24” x 48” x 1/8” (8 pre-cut panels)
  • Construction Material – non-laminated open-cell polyurethane foam
  • Insulation Rating – Unspecified (low)
  • Tools Required? – No (Fasteners included)

For those shopping for DIY garage door insulation solution on a budget, there’s simply no reason to pass up the Reach Barrier 3122 Silvertanium Garage Door Insulation Kit. Thin and easy to install while remaining fairly durable against seasonal exposure, the Reach Barrier 3122 Silvertanium is a great choice to reach for if you are looking to enhance your garage without a massive, hands on upgrade process.

Compared to other garage door insulation kits, the Reach Barrier 3122 Silvertanium’s main fabric (sometimes called a “blanket”) is 50% thinner while remaining 4 times as resistant to surface tension tears. Each panel also comes pre-cut, meaning that you won’t have to keep whipping out a box cutter in order to shape these panels to fit.

As an added bonus, the non-toxic material in this product is also 100% recyclable, meaning that you can safely dispose of the remaining scraps in a manner that won’t hurt the environment.

Reviews for the Reach Barrier 3122 Silvertanium kit are mixed, to some degree. Some owners have found it broadly effective, shielding their garage from the direct effects of 90º+ sunlight. However, some other previous users found the results inferior to thicker, more permanent garage door installation solutions. All the same though, there’s simply no beating the value provided by this product, especially when accounting for price compared to quality.


  • Affordably-priced per roll
  • Thin construction with reliable durability
  • Blocks up to 95% of radiant heat from garage door

Owens Corning 500824 Garage Door Insulation Kit – Best Metal Garage Door Insulation Kit


  • Dimensions – 22” x 54” x 2.25” (8 panels)
  • Construction Material – vinyl-coated fiberglass insulation
  • Insulation Rating – R 8
  • Tools Required? – Yes (work gloves, respirator, and safety goggles)

Owens Corning is already a cornerstone in the interior insulation industry. Now, their Pink Panther-laden innovation comes to your garage door with their 500824 Garage Door Insulation Kit. Resembling and performing like standard interior insulation, this kit is a strong choice if you’re looking for indoor comforts in the outdoor space of our garage.

The heart of the Owens Corning 500824’s performance can be found in its vinyl-coated fiberglass interior. This structure provides five times as much insulating potential as an uninsulated garage door alone. Moreover, its thick construction can block out up to 20% of outdoor noise.

Like interior insulation, however, the fiberglass particles in this product can be harmful if they make contact with the skin, mouth, or hands. As such, installation of this product positively requires proper glovers, eye goggles, and mouth covering in order to ensure maximum safety

Users of this product have found it to be ideal for implementation when building a garage-based workshop. Spending long winter hours usually leads to blue hands. But with insulation installed, they say, the garage can be kept at normal room temperature. Whether you’re building such a workshop or simply want to make your garage space more livable, the Owens Corning 500824 can provide the kind of heat and sound insulation you’ve been searching for.


  • Trusted product from renown interior insulation company
  • Vinyl-coated fiberglass construction
  • 20% noise reduction and 5x as much insulating potential as a metal garage door alone

Reach Barrier 3009 Garage Door Insulation Kit – Best Bubble Wrap-Style Garage Door Kit


  • Dimensions – 24” x 48” x 5/32” (8 pre-cut panels)
  • Construction Material – reflective polyethylene and proprietary “Barrier Bubble” technology
  • Insulation Rating – Unspecified (low)
  • Tools Required? – No (Fasteners included)

Getting more time in the garage during the summer can be difficult, especially if its existing construction absorbs radiant heat too easily. The Reach Barrier 3009 Garage Door Insulation Kit is one optimal solution to this problem, with its ultra-lightweight reflective polyethylene and proprietary “Barrier Bubble” construction providing a great amount of radiant heat-blocking performance.

Another key benefit to this product, when compared to other options, is its ease of installation. Rather than requiring measuring and cutting, Reach Barrier 3009’s pre-cut panels affix firmly to the interior of the garage door using simple adhesive strips (included in the box). No extra tools are necessary to snuggly fit these panels against your garage door’s frame.

Some Reach Barrier 3009 users voiced concerns over its lack of insulation rating (owing to the fact that it is a “foil” rather than an insulation by definition). However, this didn’t dissuade others from purchasing and implementing the reflective garage door insulation kit, to a successful effect. When it comes to blocking radiant heat against your garage door, this insulation kit definitely a worthwhile option to reach for.


  • Ultra-lightweight reflective polyethylene and proprietary “Barrier Bubble” construction
  • Pre-cut panels for easy installation
  • Affordably-priced per package of 8 panels

Insulfoam Faced Polystyrene Garage Door Kit – Best Foam Board Garage Door Insulation Kit


  • Dimensions – 20.25″ x 54″ x 1.25” (8 panels)
  • Construction Material – standard lightweight interior insulation
  • Insulation Rating – R 4.8
  • Tools Required? – Yes (Straight edge, utility knife, tape measure, work gloves and safety goggles)

Though not a standout in its class, the Insulfoam Faced Polystyrene Garage Door Kit is still a solid option for those looking to choose a foam board-based garage door insulation solution. Unlike foil-based options, foam board garage door insulators like the Insulfoam provide enhanced longevity and heat reflecting potential on both interior and posterior surfaces.

Not often seen on insulation panels for garage doors, the Insulfoam’s panels include specialized pre-cut ridges. These ridges allow the board itself to be flexible during the installation process. As a tradeoff, though, you will still need to cut these panels to size if you have non-standard sized garage door panels.

In terms of performance, the Insulfoam kit can reach a fairly modest insulation rating around R 4.8. Users even note that the Insulfoam panels are more resilient against ambient moisture, especially in humid environments like Florida. While these are only minor enhancements, they may add up to a significant temperature difference when installed on your garage door.


  • R 4.8 insulation rating
  • Pre-cut ridges for added flexibility during installation
  • Resilient against moisture in the air, unlike some foam board panels

Cellofoam Garage Door Insulation Kit – Best Vinyl-Backed Garage Door Insulation


  • Dimensions – 20″ x 54″ x 1 1/2″
  • Construction Material – Vinyl-backed traditional polystyrene
  • Insulation Rating – R 4.8
  • Tools Required? – Yes (Straight edge, utility knife, safety goggles, and tape measure)

Cellofoam’s Garage Door Insulation Kit stands as another viable option when reaching for foam board garage door insulation. However, unlike some its competitors, Cellofoam steps up its game by backing each of its traditional polystyrene panels with white vinyl. While this is aesthetically pleasing, it also enhances each board’s overall durability.

As a result of this vinyl backing, each Cellofoam panel is slightly heavier than average, weighing in at 0.3lbs each. While this may not feel like a problem by itself, the combined weight may cause problems for old or low-powered garage doors. Some former users vouch for this problem, warning future customers to carefully examine their equipment before purchasing.

Despite this, the Cellofoam kit still provides a solid insulation rating at R 4.8. While this is nothing to boast about, you may still find this standard level of insulation to be just what you need to keep out the chilly wind during your region’s mild winters.


  • Vinyl-backed construction for added durability
  • R 4.8 insulation rating
  • Fairly simple installation process

Reflectix BP48010 Bubble Pack Insulation – Best Aluminum Foil-Style Garage Door Insulation


  • Dimensions – 48” x 10’ x 5/16” (1 roll)
  • Construction Material – polyethylene with insulating bubble wrap and industrial aluminum foil
  • Insulation Rating – R 6.13-16.8 (depending on location)
  • Tools Required? – Yes (Straight edge, utility knife, and tape measure)

Though some are quick to pass up this thin garage door insulation option, you shouldn’t sleep on the Reflectix BP48010 Bubble Pack Insulation. Despite its diminutive appearance, this bubble wrap-style insulation is capable of making a major difference for the temperature environment in your garage.

First and foremost, the Reflectix BP48010 has potential for an exceptionally enhanced insulation rating. Clocking in at R 6.13-16.8 (depending on where and how the insulation is used), this product is capable of insulating your garage well beyond some traditional fiberglass options.

Much of this insulating potential derives from the unique polyethylene, insulating bubble wrap, and industrial aluminum foil construction. Though you’ll need to spend a little extra time cutting each panel, the results will be well worth the extra effort. In fact, even the cutting won’t be too much of a hassle because the interior is fiber-free.

Overall, this garage door insulation kit is a growing favorite among DIYers. Add yourself to that list of satisfied customers as soon as possible!


  • Exceptional R 6.13-16.8 insulation rating
  • Fiber-free interior for safe and easy cutting
  • Triple-layer construction

ADO Single Garage Door Insulation Kit – Best Single Garage Door Insulation Kit


  • Dimensions – 22” x 37’ (1 roll)
  • Construction Material – fiberglass insulation
  • Insulation Rating – R 8
  • Tools Required? – Yes (Straight edge, utility knife, tape measure, work gloves, respirator, and safety goggles)

With a single garage door, all you may be looking for is a quick and easy kit for your DIY insulation job. ADO provides just what you need in this regard with their Single Garage Door Insulation Kit. With just a few ordinary tools, this kit will help you get this important job off your list in under an hour.

In terms of performance, the fiberglass insulation in this kit generally behaves like interior insulation. It has some sound deadening qualities, as well as the ability to trap heat and prevent it from escaping the desired space. Mounting isn’t terribly difficult either with the durable metal mounting pins.

Overall, this kit sets a solid standard which other fiberglass garage door insulations can measure up to. At a R 8 insulation rating, this kit is not to be passed off as inferior. Rather, this kits affordability may just make it the perfect option for DIYers looking for fiberglass garage door insulation on a budget.


  • More affordable than many other fiberglass garage door insulations
  • R 8 insulation rating
  • Requires only basic tools to cut

ANCO Garage Door Insulation Kit – Best Fiberglass Garage Door Insulation Kit


  • Dimensions – 21” x 439” x 2” (1 roll),
  • Construction Material – Safety-certified fiberglass insulation
  • Insulation Rating – R 9
  • Tools Required? – Yes (Straight edge, utility knife, tape measure, work gloves, respirator, and safety goggles)

In so many words, the ANCO Garage Door Insulation Kit is basically modified interior insulation. This isn’t to its discredit, though, because its insulating capabilities may be ideal for someone planning to spend extended periods of time in their garage this winter.

This kit brings the climate-controlled comforts of your home’s interior to the outdoor garage with its safety-certified fiberglass construction. With an insulation rating at R 9, this product goes above and beyond what other fiberglass garage door insulation products are capable of.

On its face, the ANCO kit is one of the most expensive in the bunch. However, this price is fitting of this type of insulation installation, which is to say, it is designed to be a permanent solution. Such an addition may even add value to your home, should you ever choose to sell it.

In the end, if you’re going to choose a fiberglass garage door insulation kit, you should choose the ANCO kit. This insulation will serve as a lasting investment that will keep your valuable outdoor garage space as warm or as cool as you desire.


  • R 9 insulation rating
  • Safety-certified, similar to regular interior insulation
  • No clips necessary to hold each panel in place